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Website Development Company in Sri Lanka

Providing bespoke web development solutions

Providing bespoke web development solutions

We develop a wide range of websites from simple designs to modern complex websites. Creating a stunning and functional website which is in your mind becomes very much convenient, as we are occupied by a set of experienced and professional web developers. These individuals work as a team to bring your imaginative site into reality. With their competency in the present and future web technologies, guidelines and web development standards, your website performs well on the web, today and throughout the years to come. As web development companies in Sri Lanka, each site we make is designed according to W3 standards to ensure accessibility, privacy and security. 

Bespoke Web Development

  • Content Management Systems (Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal/Magento)
  • Languages (PHP, C#, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5)

  • Frameworks (Boostrap/Angular/React/jQuery)

  • Web Server Management

  • Database Management

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Our bespoke web development process
Gathering Requirements

Our website development Sri Lanka project coordinators will work closely with the clients to note down their requirements from A-Z. This includes your design requirements, website features, technical specifications and anything related to your web development project. When it is done, the details will be forwarded to our web development team to move forward with scoping and analyzing.

Analyzing and Research

Based on your requirement, our web development team will analyze and research the website development Sri Lanka market to deliver a design which could give the highest return on your investment depending on your targeted market and competitors – Which is also your final objective.  


Today, content is everything. We have our in-house copywriters to deliver the exact copy to follow the design of your website, or you may bring your own content to us.


Before your website enters the development stage, we wireframe the site. It enables us to review together and demonstrate the functionalities that you are planning to have on the website. Given that, any changes could be implemented smoothly at this stage of the project.  

Storyboard / User Design

During this stage, our developers enhance the existing wireframe and add graphical user interface designs to implement the required functionalities within your website. This will focus on improving the overall user experience and accessibility of the website.

Second part of the web development process

Second part of the web development process


Once design, content and technical specifications are confirmed, your website goes into the development stage. At this stage, our back-end and front-end developers apply their skills to enhance the graphical interface, user experience and technical aspects of your website.



None of the sites we develop goes live unless it has passed the quality check. At the testing stage, your website will be continuously checked for bugs, user-friendliness, and responsiveness.



One the site has passed the quality check; your website is almost ready for launch. Our work does not stop by that; if you want to get noticed online, we can help you achieve that with our digital marketing and SEO services.